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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Antara ikan dan ayam


When someone asked me what I'm gonna to eat today?
I just said anything.
Yeah, apa apa jer.
As long it's edible.
Menggeyangkan dan semestinya sedap.

I'm not too cerewet in makanan part.
Or, maybe.

But in between ayam or ikan.
I more prefer ikan. In any cooking style.
Except ikan keli.
Because my mother don't teach me how to ate that fish.
And also fish yang in big size.
Not my taste.

Talk about big fish, few days ago i ate kari kepala ikan.
And i said i don't like too much ikan yang in big size.
And i donno how to ate them.
That fish revenge me, and the duri stuck in between my teeth and the more i want t pull out the more it's straight to my gum.
I can't took it out.
I hope my gum not infected because of this 'lil silly duri things.

Hasil carian imej untuk kari kepala ikan

Walau bagaimana pon, diakui it's quite uncomfortable actually untuk makan fish di kedai.
Because we not sure how the cleanliness it is.
But I still choose fish.
Depends on the kedai i go.
Or paling senang.
Go to my routine order.
Simple soup.

And because of this thing tu la ni la, why not we cooked from home.
The better.
Untuk yang ni, kena tanya my mood on that day lah ye.