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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

You think you're a hero?


My friend told me a secret few days back.
And i'm just okey with it.
And today she met me and said that someone knew that secret.
She felt so uncomfortable.

For me, I'm just annoying at the end of our discussion.
Not to her, but to the person who knew those secret.

I really donno how he knew it.
How he CIA it till found.
My advise to him,
Even you know the story behind it, why just don't you shut up. And kept that to yourself.
So annoying. Duh.

Or are you think you so hero because you knew everything?
And must be telling that to others so that they also alert about it.
That, you knew it.
Please lah... Let the time tell.
Let the person reveals.
This is how you respect others plan and secret.

Because of this, looks like you just slowly pull back my trust and so on.
You make it worst and for us,
In future, you just a friend with no benefit.
No fun.
And no manners.