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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Terlibat dalam masalah.


Minggu lepas, selepas balik daripada Johor.
I'm involved in troublesome.
Yang aku sendiri tidak faham kenapa ianya menjadi suatu disebut masalah.
Di antara rakan sekerja.
Sangat pelik.
Memang pelik.

That's why i don't like any attention.
Sorry to say this.
But... memang betul.
Sebab manusia itu pelik.
Mereka mengganggap semua benda itu adalah masalah.
Yang bagi aku, if you don't want a problem.
Jangan carik masalah.
Let it be that way.

Especially, don't involve me,
Don't drag me along.
If you see this as a big problem in future, don't sesekali ciptakan ia.

This troublesome actually i don't seen that as a problem.
But became a problem to others.
Why so complicated!

After this so say problem,
I think it's not my fault.
But, after a while...

Baru aku faham..
Setiap manusia ada cara kehidupannya,
Dan tahap pemikiran yang berbeza.
Itu adalah batasan yang kita semua hadapi.
Maybe this limit things is a sending sign from Allah for us to remembering each others.
I realize sekejap that aku may melepasi sedikit batasan itu... dan Allah actually created this problem for me.
Please forgive me Allah.

Terlepas pandang.
Thank you Allah.

What limit that i recall back are...
Allah reminds me of the limit between a men and a women.
The way back of bad and good in mingle around.
Beware of who you trust more when you need time alone.
Friends between married and single men.
Feeling may consider involved.
Take note opinion of others, if that benefit more.

I already minta maaf to all of them.
I hope they forgive me in and out.
Because again this dhunya, society and some friends telah melalaikan aku.
I want my old life back.
I have to against any attention.
I hope they understand why i manjauhkan diri.

Only because I want back to my Creator.
They may said, that are they bad enough?
Aku tak kata begitu... just keep the distance. And mencegah lagi baik daripada may this repeat again.
Because i'm too naive too say no.

I love my friends, So much.
But I love Allah more.
 = )

Even i looks sangat ganas, and not so called ayu to all my friends or colleague department.
Aku masih not memilih kawan...
But believe me, any person who reminds me to fear to Allah is my true companion.
Still haunting one!