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Monday, September 28, 2015

Beauty me


One thing about me you need to know is i don't like wearing any make up.
Believed or not,
I'm may just stick with my one and only natural collagen lipstick and that's all.
No those compact powder..
No eyeliner or, 
Freaking colorful eye-shadow! 

My combination skin not have so much probs.
May as my hormone in good level.
So i can survive with simple cleanser, and mask.
Or i can said the cheapest.
To keep it in best condition.

I don't like feeling of double layer to my face
I don't like making any 'stupid' art to my face.
I like it go with what it goes.
Me and my natural beauty.
I don't care what people say...
No glowing or whatever it is,
Because I'm not gonna wasting my time to clean up everything after end of the day or for praying time.
I can save that for my sleeping time.

In addition,
Even i'm the glasses type.
But i'm not wearing any contact lenses.
Not dare to try and act like wanna poke my own eyes.
Scary enough!
May on my big day i will think about it.
Or maybe not in millions years.

Nail polish?
No, no...
Not fans of it.

For those muslimah who like wore those make up.
I'm not against all of you.
I'm not say it wrong.
Because i know some may wore this as their confident booster.
That can cover any panda eye, scars, pimples.
And luckily it works!
Happy for them.

Just my advises keep it medium or don't over.
People may don't said anything but maturity tells.
And be watch out if you want to pray.
Make sure your face and body are clear.
You know what i mean right.
Water can freely flow...
To make sure that anyone will not judge you.
: )

Yeah! Indeed.