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Saturday, April 22, 2017

What's wrong with me


Last January, in 'cause I'm no Superman post, I ada mentioned about how sick i am with night fever, diarrhea, dizziness and on off of nausea.
Those terrible days yang i survived well.
Even I have to do oncall.
Gila tak gilalah.
Tapi lepas dengan jayanya.

Somehow, about these few weeks, I think it's slowly gonna come back.
Minus the diarrhea.
Ya. Because i still hati-hati with my intake.
Seksa woo.
And if rasa too hungry. I just ate macam biasa or double it. So far so good.
Even though gitu, ada my friend and my family member said i makin lama makin kurus.
I like, seriously?
I admit, ada one day kadang-kadang no feeling untuk makan, tak lapar langsung. I just niatkan puasa or i may be just simply took some spare Kokocrunch.
Tak naklah kena gastric nanti.

Walaupun tak ada diarrhea, tapi ganti dengan some bruises and bit redness.
Which i donno where it came from.
Tahu-tahu dah ada dapat. Sana sikit, sini sikit.

I think i tak doing any outdoor activities yang sangat lah lasak.
My routine last few weeks secara puratanya adalah.
Kerja macam biasa. Jogging-jogging dalam department, huha-huha jap.
Done weekend call.
Volunteer part untuk ajar budak membaca,
And the Easter egg days celebration dengan makan-makan biasa sahaja. Ada orang belanja kan. Hhehhehe...

And about my dizziness. I already change my spectacle. Which i found memang ada change of power lens.
Still tried to adjust it. Spec baru kan.
In observation lagi.
But if my dizziness to bad, nausea pon nak join sekali.
Hek eleh.

And fever? I can felt it.
Every morning berat kepala. And muscle aches.
Tu yang kena buat some light exercise.
Or if tak sempat. Prayer time, much better.
Macam semalam, masa time makan-makan rasa muka tiba-tiba panas. And when my friend asked why.
I just replied. Soup nih panas sangat.
And cepat-cepat habiskan meals and minum air mineral banyak-banyak.

With all these. I still can control it and tried to calm down everything.
Because dia akan mula-mula trigger untuk kita rasa uncomfortable.
Then, from situ i knew something gonna up.
And be prepared jelah.

Then, i think i have to top up my balang with lots of candies!
Or small tub for this 'lil one.
Smart moves.

Anything Allah plan for me. I just only a good slave.
But I pray He will wait for me to come to Him one fine day.
Which my big project of Umrah berjalan dengan jayanya.