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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Go travel


At the end of this month, i will go for travel.
By flight.
And this is my first flight ever.
That i wish this destination will going to Mecca land.
To consider again about domestic only.
So, i go with the flow.

So excited!
Tambah excited lagi adalah bila my flight ticket fully sponsor for free untuk pergi balik.
And the hotel too.
Best gila.
That's why i agree semua ini.
Jangan jealous oh key.
Thanks to the person yang belanja tu.
Love you lah.

And i planned to not stay bored inside the hotel room.
Flirt with room service boys. Or even i know they have a good Wifi.
Not caught my adrenaline.
But, i wish to fully explore the place there.
With i think i will go solo.
Because of some reason.
Yeah, maybe.

I already googling and make a draw about it. The maps, distance and transportation.
Which more interesting to used public transport.
But i will stand by about renting a motorbike.
Ok tak?

Even the hotel are in the town, i will consider to go outside from that.
Because this is all sort of animal and natural lover buat.
We donno when will we come back sana.
So, enjoy with the time.

Insyaallah, I will make a video footage about my travelling experienced.
Where i will post at my You tube channel or Facebook wall.
Take time somehow.
Because of editing part, duh.
If tak de tuh mungkin sebab i more enjoy my life.
Than hold a hand-phone 24 hours.

So, see you in next chapter.
Pray me the best.
= )

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