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I guess I'm pretty cool person because everything is strange. Life. People. And yeah, I don't know what planet I'm on. 

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

I’m king of the world?

Life is hard.
The limits of human endurance, survivors of death defying experiences, relieve their ordeals and the moments of truth that kept them alive.  

Relationship is complicated.
Spotlight shining, because lovers dance when they’re falling in love along their own world. And it’s all about them. Idiot.

For sure, flash back when the last you cried, smiling, revenge and forgiveness. Are you satisfied with all those things? Then, carry on. Up to you.

But… Filmy, my dreams become small, small, and fade away.

It’s part of me.
I wondered what I would do next, to hell with life which never ended. Please, just take my hand and runaway to the places where whole world never found us.

Am I looks silly? Uncontrolled like ‘Goodbye to romance by Ozzy Osbourne’.
Not at all.
These days-most willingly, hopes and prayer to The Greatest-Allah.
Shout out what you feel.
Be a man. Stand up for yourself.
Go for it, be brave.

Believe and confident on what you do. Yeah man!