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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dear my future husband

Dear my future husband,

Directly i want to say that when we meet later. Don't proposing me to be your girlfriend.
I don't want to be your girlfriend.
Massively no.
I may reject that red roses, shining ring and become all such a awful moments.
Because I just want to be the one you call as your wife.

I may to rush in this things.
By the way this difference between me and other women, is that, all they wanted to have all those.
Me on the other hands...
I indeed who wishing and dreaming.
Just as i know my limit to Allah and lower my gaze.
And when to said no.

I pray you understand me.
That i still wishing you'll be my halal prince charming.
Who holding onto the Quran in your right hand and the Sunnah in the left hand.
And riding your horse of Taqwa.
Tame me and save me.
On the spot.
I hear you're worth the wait, so i'll wait.

"Marry a man who fears Allah so he will treat you right because of his fear to Allah"
I not aspect that you are a perfect husband in future.
'Cause i'm also not not a perfect person.
But i aspect you,
Who is not the one who calls me for only romantic talk... but he who calls me five times for prayer.
As my rules...
That a man who cannot lead me in Salah,
Cannot lead me in life.

My apologize,
I don't make my wedding day a pleasant memory in this life, but source of misery in the next.
Which when you do marry me,
I hope you do it so with the intention of Jannah where you plan to hold my hand and carry me together.
Just like some said, true love doesn't end... it continues in Jannah,
And then i know you love me endlessly.

Our stories may not as others lover,
Non a grateful to share.
Since when do love stories end in weddings?
Because we only just started from here.
This second.
And you become my chills.

From all above.. they may will said,
Someone like this? I never found a man good enough for this.
Or i will never get married.
May never or who know.
I plan, Allah is the master mind.
No one can against it.

Let me tell you one secret,
I am a hard person to love but when i'm in love... i love really hard,
Allah is my only one.
Prophet of Muhammad is my strength.
And my family are my prove.
One day you not only a love, a strength, a inspired to me.
But everything to me.
One fine day.

Bring me to paradise.
I wonder what is my future husband doing right now.
: )