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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Can't i just be me?


When diorang said i'm too rough in certain thing, that i need to be a bit sopan about it.
I just...
Muka blurred.
Nak sopan cane tu?
And mostly, perlu ke?

My parents besarkan me to be an independent women.
Which i should not susahkan anyone includes them clearly.... My life visi dan misi.
So, here i am.
I protect what i should protect.
And be positive.
Be possible.
Be strong.
And bukan jadi hulk semata-mata.
Ada paham?

I pernah tried be the sopan they all ever wanted.
A year. Last year sebenarnya.
Which I stopped riding my bike.
Pakai jubah and skirt things.
Tak banyak carik gaduh.
And ada lembut sikit ar.
Tapi tetiba cam banyak sangat issue nya.
Nak cerita pon too personal.
So lama-lama macam, tak boleh jadik ni.
This is not me.
And this sort of problems is not going berterusan.
Boleh jatuh mental.
So i just be me .

Whatever they want to said, 
Can't i just be me?

If I did something wrong, please nasihat and tegurlah.
That I'm too rough and boleh bawak korang sentap menyentap ke kan.
Sebab my action is louder than my words.
Im not gonna perang mulut, tapi sedetik dua tibai je pan keras tu atas kepala.
Bagi concussion pastu amnesia, pastu baru korangnya otak centre sikit.
Heheheee ...