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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Alat kawalan jauh

I loved this post!

As you seen from above picture.
Mesti korang nak gelak guling guling pastu diam jap sebab drawing nih sangat berimaginasi tinggi.
That what i think when my sister sent this image.
Really smart girl you are Cik Ziqa.

She draw without an eraser and in one line.
And i donno how her brain works.
And where she jumpa this alat.
Must from my younger brother yang suka letak barang sepah-sepah.
BTW, its truly amazing!

Sebagai myself yang in medical part, this looks like a power tools where i used for drilling bone.
And i don't think if this item can be as alat kawalan jauh.
As Cik Ziqa imagination.
How can it's works.
Put on the head like kipas terbang Doraemon and Nobita?
Mesti berat.
I can't think.

If i'm going back Johor later, I want to asked lots of question about this item.
It's a must.
Sangat curious, duh.