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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Manusia kadang kala melebihi


When you asked for help from someone ... nicely.
And he or she fired you with marah-marah and merunggut.
This kind of person,
You should jauhi.
Really jauhi or be aware.

This happened to my friend.
And i stand beside her at that time.
And i felt her feeling.
She just stare at that person and terdiam.
Kami memang unexpectedly terkejut dengan apa yang keluar daripada mulut dia.
Because my respect to his or her memang all out jatuh gila.
Tak sangka she or he can talked macam tuh.
What in the world.

After a second, we pandang sesama sendiri.
And i pull her out from that room and said privately that just asked from someone else.
We can make it without her or his.
Ingat kita nih jenis akan begging tak tentu pasal.
You're wrong, you're wrong!

And my friend agree with me and we settle it down by our self.
And duh, we actually make it.

Seterusnya. The next coming Monday, she met me.
And said sorry.
About his or her behavior toward me.
That time memang dia tak ada mood and dia tahu salah sendiri.
How tak baik dia punya perilaku.
Tahu pon. Sedar pon.

I just said, it's okay.
No sweat.
Everyone have their own ketahanan pada stress or problem sendiri.
Some people will drag along the mood in one day.
Some can control it.
Manusia kadang kala melebihi.
Tapi our self yang limit kan semua itu.
Ada faham? gitulah ayatnya.

That's why, i always stay quiet and more smile.
Less talked less drama.
Less sin.
Cewah ayat.

Ehem, untuk peringatan pada diri sendiri juga...if someone asked for help,
Just do what you can, if can't make it. Just said it.
Just frankly speaking that you're not free or in rushing.
Daripada tak ikhlas menolong.
Betul tak.

Untuk control masalah yang dialami.
Apparently semua orang ada problem masing-masing.
Jangan kata masalah kita more problematic than others.
Jangan drama sangat boleh tak?
Lempang nak?
Gih ambil wuduk, bentang sejadah.
Pakai telekung.
Doa yang terbaik untuk diri sendiri every second.