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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Special post for my emak


I wrote here,
that a special post for my lovely emak.
Even... i knew she will never read this.
But i still hope she will.

Emak, what i called her.
She had a small figure, other than her daughter.
But she still beautiful.
inside and outside.
That make her truly Miss World to me.


Is my first teacher.
Most compassion supporter.
Where a shoulder available, when my tears start to come.
She's the one.

No matter how tired she is,
She will never down your hope.
And make a smile on your face back.
Obviously with her meals.
A great chef.

Time passing by,
And you turning to a lady and ready facing a future.
Continue study away from her.
Choosing working place far away,

She still be there,
A home.
Our home.
The home full of memories.
Where happiness happened.

Hoping you're in Allah blessing, stay healthy and wait for me to come home.
Massive thank you for everything you do it for me.
From i born 'till now.
And i love you.