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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Peah: Art class


Since my sister stop kerja.
And preggy.
Dia jadik suri rumah sepenuh masa.
So Peah tak pergi any nursery.

Dia ajar Peah kat rumah.
So far i think that's a good idea.
Can i put my kids at your home sis in future?
Because nursery sekarang tak boleh di percayai.
Scary much.

But your house at Tapah!
I will miss them.
Ok, aku la plak yang jadik suri rumah kalau gitu.
My partner must agree with this.
Gila punya statement.

And memandangkan Peah pon dalam proses learning.
Dia akan everyday tengok cerita budak-budak
Akak aku more bagi dia pada art class.
Bagi dia enjoy.
O, how i miss when my homework just coloring!

And how i seen, that kakak aku boleh kawal pola makanan dia.
No fast food.
No jajan.
Not even a chocolate!

Then, my sister ajar jugak dia supaya independent.
Sidai baju sendiri in her own mini hanger.
And ate by herself.
Be clean and tidy.
And that's brilliant idea.
I support you sis.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Peah: Father and daughter time


My sister sent me a new updated about Peah in our family Whats app.
And i like it very much.
Just make my day.
She looks so awesome!
And act like a guddey daughter ever.

She start to talk some words and actively want to explore new things.
And most i geram adalah bila tahu that she have her own make up bag.
The most make me more surprised is when i heard that dia bersiap lagi lama daripada mine.
Really kak, did you teach that also?
Oh mai.

Anyway, this what i called family goals.
Teach and attract your kids towards Islam since they are growing up.
Easier for her and for you.
Bak kata orang,
Biarlah melentur buluh daripada rebungnya,,,kan.

I really want give you big hug Peah.
Good job!
= )

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Updated about Aryssa Sophea

Maya's 'lil family, my second sister. Her husband, Ijoi and cute one, Peah.
This picture are when they going to Krabi.
Not yet be there.
Looks cool.
One fine day.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Peah buat-buat comel pulak

First picture, she pose like a model. Duh, when you see a model looks straight at the camera?
Matching dress with those shoes. And big pink ribbon headband detected.
Not sure who sponsor this outfit...
Not gonna say anything.
But, can i know meh where you bought it?
My future husband need to know this.
He must, i can said.
Second picture, luckily she's prefer to be a normal kid.
Hhehehhe... so comeh.
Big eyes!!!
Can we change?
= )