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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Strong enough?


Let me make it clear. Everyone.
The quote above is really close to me.
Close enough like a phone with his internet.
And this is my truly express what i feeling through from the past.
Actual one.

I know,
People may seen me as a tough and strong person.
To any of my friends.
Even my own family members too.
But the real...
I just act strong, be strong. ..but inside i'm broken.
And dying.

When they know i'm strong. No one will ask if i'm okay or what.
That the worst of it.
But i'm quiet okay with it.
To me, as long as i can independence with my inside soul.
So far, i'm okay.

But, did i strong enough every time?
The answer is i didn't!
The always solution are prying and cried.
That what make me today.
Allah and Islam.

For those who heart broken, think you alone in this world.
Said others don't know what you feel.
I understood.
But logically, we really don't know your condition because we are not in your shoes.
But may try to be in your shoes.
Are you clear?

What ever religions you are.
Pray and believe to the Creator.
He know the better faith of you and me.
And us.
In. Future.


P/S: I think this character i get from my emak/mother. Who i seen as a strong women. And i admire how strong she is. She inspired me!