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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Instagram talk: Getting closer


Hai. I'm not sure about this is the final decision yet.
... If i'm gonna make my Instagram as not a private account anymore?
Hard duh.

Reason. Because i wanna start it as #quranchallenge2017.
Likes a daily Quran post.
Or if i'm free enough maybe setiap sejam ke apa. Cehhh.
Share my thoughts and my understanding.
Biar mana mungkin boleh bukak hati biar sama-sama belajar dan dalami Quran.
Idea ni memang dah lama sangat nak share pon.
Sebab kan i have a big plan for next year. So, i want make it real in my routine.
So, that's the reason behind it.

But as you all knew me, i'm not like any attention.
That's why this blog not being exposed in any of my social media.
Because orang sekarang cepat judge. Compare tanpa perasaan.
Scary kan.
So, i'm afraid if they do the same with my Instagram. They stalked my Instagram so often.
Like my previous account, that i already deleted.
Which you can read in my post here, The long view.
Just rasa  in secured. Sebab tu deleted terus. Puas hati.

Or maybe in this new account, i will do the same at the end?
Yelah kan baru nak belajar agama.
Maybe my determination not as sharp as they hope.
Ikut rasa sendiri ke.
Even sebenarnya ini  juga hasil daripada my own thought.

Pening ah.
Yes or No?

Just, how about.
Just act like normal and if the time come.
When i can't take it no more.
Don't asked me why my Instagram being private or closed again.

So, I'm gonna tell korang, that you can search me on Instagram. At add.shah or Adibah Shahrudin
With black and white profile picture.
That my gila-gila pose will not be in here.
Of course.
And my face also.
Maybe someday, i will. Maybe forever not.

Last word, I hope everything will going smooth.
Not i'm act like i'm so alim one.
But it's my account.
My right and my whatever i like to do with it.
So back off.

Please also be nice to me.
I have a sensitive soul, duh.