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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bus: Bad experience.

This post is not to condemn anyone.
But my right and also as reminder to others.
Sorry if you don't like.

Yesterday after finishing my work... i took a taxi and go to the nearest LRT. 
And then changed to KTM to go to TBS.
From there, i bought a ticket bus to JB.
I choose 02:30pm Konsurtrium, since that the earliest time i can get. 

Remain about 15minutes more, i rushing go to pray and toilet.
Sharp 02:30 pm, i go down at departure area. 
And luckily my bus not arrive yet.
So, i took a seat and rambling around with my internet line.
WhatsApp my sister... call my parents.

Time passing by, after 30minutes... they announced that my bus are delayed.
So as I'm not lunch yet, i go to small stall over there and bought some bread.
After 30minutes, means is one hour already and still delayed.
What the fish!

I go to girl who uniformly look like staff TBS, to get an explanation.
But to my surprised they don't reply me back.
Passing over my problem to another friends who seems don't care about it.
Take a sweet time with their gang.
I'm very disappointed.

May Allah bless them.

After 15minutes, 03:45 pm, then and then another Konsurtrium bus arrived and my group can joined them.
Because of same destination.
Next problem is struggling with them to get a seat.
What you expect when you are the second line team.
Whatever's i still get single seat.

So, after i received no apologies from TBS staff and behalf bus site.
I just okayyy.
But then what make my blood boiled and give them disgusting look after i seen that small tv show a Chinese story and it's 18sx.
What's wrong with this people?!
Are you horny or stupid?

I just pray that second driver will changed it or turn it off.
What if we had an accident, and die.
That the last thing you see?
The hell is your last destination bro.

I just open my mp3 and close my eyes and heard zikir... praise Allah and Prophet Muhammad.
These are my bad experience with the bus things.
Really and really bad.

May you can questioning why not i choose flights over this.
Sorry, as you know me and read my previous blog .
My first flight is go to Mecca.
That i swear to myself and the Creator.

To the staff TBS, i know how professional your image. With blazer and so on.
But if your manners and treat your clients like this.
You still not impressed me.
And that announcement system, please do something about it. 
Look like you heard a hard rock trailer.
Not clear and mumbling around.

To the bus driver and co pilot.
You're the worst.
Look like Malay but I don't think you are Islam.
Just feel bit relieved because i can used that USB connector at beside seat.
Keep me save my power bank battery.
I'm as a passenger have the right, duh.
Please improve your quality.