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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Time alone


Please pray for my brother in law.
Hayazid bin Hashim.
He's now critically ill,
DIL, death in line condition,
And counting.

May he's only my brother in law, physically, but he likes a brother to us.

When i received a message how serious critical he are.
I cried alone, 
I need a space.
Because i don't want people to know how sad and heart broken i'm.

I took an emergency leave and bought a ticket direct back to Johor.
And straight arrived, my sister pick me and we go to HSA, Hospital Sultanah Aminah.
When my eyes fall to him, i felt sad.
But i tried not to cry.
I tried hard how strong i'm in front of my sister and her mother in law.
They more saddest than me.

Obviously my point weakness is family things.

The next day, early morning... i visited him again before going back to KL.
And when he said he can't see.
My tears start to fall.
I rushing out from the ward.
I can't take it no more.

I cried along from hospital to bus stand.
And when inside the bus.
I took the second last raw seat.
And my tears fall even i tried to stop it.

I think about him, my sister, his family... and the kids.
Cik Ziqa, Hafiz and litlle Anas.
How much can they take it?

He always a heart kind husband and caring father for three kids.
May Allah,
Please give him, my sister, and both family member the strength,
To endure this situation,
And to find the blessing,
And lessons that it contains.

Every prayer, i sent my dua for him.
For my sister.
For her survival present and future life.

Al fatihah.