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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friends: Hadiah kahwin!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Hai, semua.
Aku tak nak comment for any question yang nak tanya why aku dah lama tak update... just leave it and go on with this post, okay. : )

So, one day aku dapat whats-app mesej from my friends at previous hospital.
Ingatkan aku tentang my promise untuk belanja kasut kahwin dia. Aku cam 0_0, ups!
Lupa la pulak tentang my promise tu... And FYI, she will get married next month  (October). End of that month if i not mistaken... Congratulations dear. I'm so happy for you.

And as not disappointing her, aku terus goggling untuk haunting a 'wedding shoes'. And its take about two weeks for me to choose the perfect shoes! Like... what the freaking susah sangat la nak pilih. But if your in my situation, you will cakap ianya memang gila hard. Nah, maybe sebab semuanya me-lampau cantiknya and too gorgeous...

My focus of course- high heel types. And aku adalah jugak try mintak dia punya pendapat. Is it she had a own dreaming shoes ('cause she don't want to bought it together with me cause she said its will not surprise anymore). And she give me some pictures (randomly). So, from there...aku goggling lagi. Sampai la last two days, aku got a cute and suitable shoes for her.
Thanks God. *thanks also for anyone yang terlibat dalam memberi pendapat.

Then, here it comes:

I pick a Charles & Keith shoes. Why?

Firstly, I like the shining part and how simple it is. 'Cause i don't want menenggelamkan kecantikan her wedding dress yang tentunya ber-lace bagai nanti. 
Second, the design is easy pakai and cabut. 
Third, i like the gold colour! *even tak menepati calour yang dia nak...white, silver or light brown. And i think the light brown and gold-is looks a like, right? so no sweat! 

So, you want to know how her reaction:

You're welcome! and lega gila she like it so much...