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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Maxi Dress: Transforme your lovely maxi dress


So, as my previous post (try click sini).
I bought it and till now never used it.
Hurm... I think, I should do something with this dress.
Join me to see what we can do with this abstract maxi dress.
Yah or Nah...

So basically, these are rough idea i get from this maxi dress,
Seven styles to rock and roll in seven days on going.
To me, if i has an emergency long journey to attend.
These maxi dress quite good.
: )

-1-combining with long cardigan-

-2-cut down the long cardigan with smart belt-

-3-sometimes all we nedd is black shirt to look just simple-

-4-change it to awesome blouse-

-5-added a belt and pastel cardigan, look classy-

-6-why don't just transform the maxi dress become a cardigan?-

-7-can use as scarf, epic!-
; )
So... you know what to do next right.

Happily trying and just have fun.
Fashion is not bad as you think.
As long as you comfortable.
Go with it.