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Saturday, October 24, 2015

This is what i feel now


I'm joining this hospital not because to expects to get unlimited platinum black card credit.
But as i heard... that this is the top hospital among Malaysia.
This is what i heard.
So as to dare myself, i try their interview and i'm hired.
I leave my lovely previous hospital and joining here.
For introduction everything seems legit.
The hospital similarity as a hotel.
Beautiful and all sound interesting... as the speaker said.
Excited to see what my department look like actually.

So, on the next day... i have the opportunities explore there.
Not bad.
As day and month passes, 
Mingle around with the staff, surgeon... i still can handle it.
Even the truth all that them have lots of drama, but i love every one.

So, when i type this... it's been a year already and i seen the problem stated to appear.
Among the colleague, doctors and managers.
Like everyone seems unfair to you.
Between those, what make i more disappointed is the managers role.
Like i feel better i don't have one. 
I think the CEO and all those leaders should take time to listen to their employee.
That the main department, nursing especially that the main source of their business!

Management failed!
Like my previous hospital.

Not sure about the future.
May some reason why i quit my job are i don't leave the hospital, but i leave the managers.
: )

This is what i mean.