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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Subjek sejarah?


Pagi tadi aku ada session Q & A, in the same time discussion about related relevant cases. So, dalam banyak- banyak soalan. Soalan no. 7, paling mencabar. And jawapan dia pon mesti buzz...

So, dia tanyer bila masa (teeettt) bermula. So ada a, b,c,d... World war 1, Crimean war, Korean War ( budak yang tick yes untuk ni mesti kaki Kpop), and Spanish- American war. Then, walaupun aku hentam-hentam. Nasib baik jawapan aku betul !!!! Tak sangka I, sambil mendabik dada. 

Then, dia tanya:
Kenapa timbul world war 1? 
siapa perang siapa?
and how about world war 2?
when and beside who?
Okay. Fuh, tergagap-gagap jawab. History yang absolutely membuatkan otak aku begitu historical. Then dia tanyer maser SPM dulu dapat apa? A? B? C?

One of my friend admit dia dapat A1, and you know what she( my lect) said: your sejarah inside here. (show the tong sampah). Mine cikgu dulu Cambridge made and your is local made. Pastu membebel... Inilah masalah orang muda sekarang. Tak tahu sejarah. And the rest, dia test on sejarah Malaysia pulak. 

And after that, dia asked; you all read newspaper tak? And others like... Aaaa?
Luckily no one replied;
Huh. What is the freaking bloody newspaper is?