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Assalamualaikum and hello, o awesome readers!

I guess I'm pretty cool person. I likes be positive, helping others, writing and exploring.  Also a fan of happy ending. Even life is too serious as it is. This blog i called as my second heart. Everything with Allah blessing, i'll share those awesome moments in my life. Overall i think is a lot about my family. 'Cause i love them....LOL.

Thanks for all your support! It means a lot. Anyway, welcome to my life.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Mr. Beau


              This is... Mr. Beau! And he's so small, or smallest I think. I think.... And oh my, you should see how his 'lil hair and chubby feet is... Cute but,

Just look so fragile for me to touch (feeling sad and nervous). 

              Unfortunately, its no make sense to me coz i will hold it night and day coz he's so cute and irresistible. Can't blame it on me! 

(Beau-good looking)