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Showing posts with label i failed about this food. Show all posts

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Kuew teow itu


When i seen my friend ate keow tiew in front of me...
I realized that I'm not ordered this foods quite long. I'm serious.
I donno why I'm too phobia to eat this foods.
Is there a name for person who not ate kuew teow?

Even to looks at it. Make me wanna to vomit.
Don't care if you have those prawn or all seafood part.
I still don't wanna eat you!
This maybe after my many attempts ate this foods in any cooking style, i still failed.
My stomach can't accept it.

Latest order are at the Kraf Kebangsaan 2017 event. My friend belanja.
As not many choice... i just said ok. Im in.
But a few suap, i stop.
And quickly drank water a lot.
It tasted really bad.

Hasil carian imej untuk keow teow

I knew, this foods....
Either next I will got food poisoning or i will nausea and vomiting.
Even i cooked by myself, i tried, but still nahhh...
And my last food poisoning is about bihun goreng.
I donno whether it's berjangkit to that foods pulak. Or just because my stomach is too sensitive.
I will consider to more careful.
Yeah. Bertahanlah.

I still got my meds stock.

That's why I prefer bread or soup than any others.
They are plain. Easy. And taste simple.

Luckily my fav drink. Air laici still edible and taste forever good.
Hahahha ..